What is the fundamentals of cloud computing? Let me show you a complete vision about how to this technology that’s moving to small business administration management systems to the cloud net.

I would like to show you in this article all of matters implies using this important technplogy. Come on let’s go.

The Cloud explained

Cloud computing extends to you complete scalability. Cloud is also helpful for businesses to reduce their Information Technology costs.

The Cloud idea though recently gaining in popularity, is not a new concept and has been in existence for about a decade. This is a major reason how the traditional phones got smart.

Cloud Computing explained simply

Cloud computing move your IT area to third-party cloud company, who will be in charge of your IT infrastructure. It let you reduce your IT area to a few professionals, who should be prepare to assume the new way of work. they might train on cloud skills.

Cloud model provides small and medium-size enterprises the chance of eradicating the demand for a data center. The previous model of cloud computing is called hybrid clouds.

Seeing from this side, it also eliminates the need for IT professionals. For example, Microsoft’s enterprise cloud computing supplies an array of cognitive services. These implies artificial intelligent use to apply on vision and speech.

These language developer tools and thoroughly abstracted AI services that offer its potential customers like a wide variety of choices.

The significance of cloud shouldn’t be relegated to the background, as it has an integral part in sustainability and organizations’ IT strategies.

Cloud Computing fundamentals

The fundamentals of cloud computing, it means all things your company needs to start up your cloud services computing. Of course, it is through cloud servers. In other words, your computing services in house will move to the cloud.

It is a check list you have to do before make the big change on your organization. Whe check list completed you are ready to start up the change.

These are the most important fundamentals of cloud computing that you need to make a check list to go directly to your cloud migration and installation. Here some of them, I recompliled a important group of them.

 You can build your Cloud Computing by blocks of services: 

Cloud services are offered over the world wide web. Public cloud service may be employed by all the organizations and in addition to for individual use.

Recently, the Cloud Computing providers are offering services according to different types, sometimes called layers.

There are 3 standard models on the market right now. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

This kind of Cloud computing services will explain bellow in next part of this article. Whether you want, let me show this rightr now.

The new Role of your IT are in front of Cloud Computing

As Cloud Computing is growing, the role of IT staff is consistently changing. The new roles of IT specialists are those of coordinator and broker.

Above all, you could deciding to run your business to cloud computing can’t just be a daunting job, but a tough choice to make too. Furthermore, cloud businesses see the large potential for enterprise services. A Cloud Computing company provides a high number of benefits.

Every enterprise should improve the business performance and potency. The enterprise also saves on overheads like management expenses, data storage expenses, costs of software updates, and excellent control and has the ability to utilize Cloud Computing at economical prices.

Increase the Business value

Yes, the flexibility and ability of matching the cost of the service to the consumption. It is differentiates cloud computing from other internet services.

Although it is critical, this feature creates a new value for business services. Also it enables to develop new business models.

Some Benefits of Cloud Computing 

One of the first benefit of Cloud Computing is avoiding or minimiz fixed the problems to companies. Allows reduce the IT infrastructure and costs.

Of course, another one benefit to organizations is focusing on core business, leaving to third-party clouds charge of hardware and software base.

Finally, on this little reviem of benefits I have the flexibility and scalability complete the small list. For more information you can red this article:

One of the serious benefits of cloud computing is the fact that it globalizes the workforce at low expenses.

Governance through Cloud Services

First fo all, you need take in consideration Cloud Computing will impact on policies relating to using services on your company.

For example, you and your employess will pass from use internet to read and social networks to interacts all day with your band withd.

It is due using internet more intensive to access your systems like ERP, to work in all areas of your companies.

A good Service deployment

The set up of cloud computing is so fast, as customers can get service within a few minutes only. Even though the payments on develop cloud services not go hurry up like it.

Commonly it lates some days after customers accepts to the requirments satisfactions in the final product.

Implement a Self-service deployment:

According deployment, all of these core fundamentals items imply a fully automated service provisioning and for the customers it means, “Service is in your hand take or leave it!”

Obviously, a well defined service provided by cloud computing should be utilized independently by clients. It is very common on Cloud computing, as a service as “IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)” and “PAAS (Platform as a Service)”.

It means service including Infrastructure and Platform. They are follow steps to change its deployment model and added value to their business in very thoughtful ways.

Could Computing part of IT portofolio

You must consider cloud computing as a completely new part of IT portfolio. Because whether you only washing up the pre-existing services on IT with a cloud computing doesn’t make any sense.

It’s very important to focus on the things that make the difference between cloud computing and IT services. Things that make it original and distinctive in every way.

First of all, I have to say it is a part of a rapid growth, the old fashion concept has been replaced by on-demand service.

That’s because, genuine prospective of SaaS (Software as a Service), has been not fulfilled in a proper way. In fact, existing products are simply rebranded or just repackaged by vendors.

Similarly, to profit from the wave of cloud computing, pre existing features of cloud computing have been rebranded without any proper functionality.

Implementing a cloud computing strategy

To do this all, concept of Cloud washing is implemented by vendors to convince decision-makers of any business or IT industry that how his strategy is useful to maintain swiftness with the latest innovations in the marketplace.

Besides, Due a few factors that are lacking, strategy of cloud washing has not been fully implemented yet.

The Cloud scalability function

For all industrial applications based on Cloud environment its very beneficial to implement the concept of Cloud scalability.

Take duly note, for an effective functioning, cloud needs to be designed with provision of everlasting abstract scalability. Which should be controlled by service. Whether included in cloud based architecture of application.  

Thus, the service itself manipulates a scalable architecture design of an application. This is why Cloud based application essentially requires scalable architecture design.

Please duly note that Cloud infrastructure provides an unbounded scalability. You could upload any information system from your remise to work on line without any issues.

List of Requirements for scalate an application

  • Need automatic enhancement of resources derived from demand
  • Operationally in good condition enough while scaling up and down
  • Safe service for any transaction and operation.
  • Fault tolerant very importan requirement.

IT personel Competencies for new technology

Therefore, to afront this new technology, your staff has to be prepared. The IT staff will need to possess skills for the new Cloud computing road.

On the actual time, some employees should need further training on this matter. Please read below about training and where you can find it.

What is Risk of Cloud Computing

To begin with, the cloud deployment model assumes that service consumer is competent and might select the perfect services along with the money to cover it.

Beside, you expouse your core business to others people and competitors, your third-party cloud provider should be as a partner. I mean you have a confindence whit him.

At conclusion, cloud computing technology has some practical and legal topics of which you should be aware and take care of.

Fundamentals of Cloud Revealed

Types of Cloud Hosting Services

At this moment on the market, you will acquire many companies. They are offering cloud for an inexpensive cost . But my recommendation is you opting for the best Cloud Hosting Providers. Beacuse, it will provide the comprehensive answer to your company.

The providers in the industry offers different kinds of cloud hosting. these let help your company to fulfill part of your business objectives like customer service. it can be provided by means of Cloud Service Models.

At this moment, there are three types of Cloud Service Models:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

Right now, let me show you each one of them:

Cloud Service: IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

The System Administrators are the subscribers of this service and by considering per hour CPU utilization, storing of data, network bandwidth and infrastructure consumed respectively, the cost can be added and services can be used.

A range of of cloud computing, cloud storage, network infrastructure items as firewalls and other kind of configuration services is just a IaaS.

Fees of IAAS

However, after all said above, the fees structure of IAAS depends on all factors mentioned above. It should be figured out by considering each one of them.


The auto-scaling and monitoring and others kind of services.

Scope and Component of IaaS

In case of a start up company, the IAAS service should be very useful to launch any web application or website facilities.

Cloud Service: SaaS – Software as a Service

In this type of model, the cloud application is highly controlled by administrative authority and the service Provider is charged for updates, development, maintenance and security.

Thus, the service provider controls the final authority over the whole application and the end user is totally free from any service issues.


Gmail, the mail server of Google where it is the provider and we are just end users.

Scope and Component of SaaS

Despite of organizations and enterprises, an individual can be a subscriber or user of SaaS.
In most of the cases, calculation of usage fee depends on the number of users.


In SAAS, in spite of concentrating on hardware maintenance, infrastructure management. The center of attention needs to be the business. Google Apps for business, individually charges fees for more than 10 users,

SAAS requirements

Considering with the cloud applications, SAAS should be implemented by means of productivity and collaboration, to make the task a little bit easier for HR, PayRoll and Sales.

Cloud based Storage and sharing services like Dropbox, Windows Live, Amazon S3, Google Docs and Box.net etc.


There is an individual use of more than 30 Google Cloud Services of SAAS itself.

Cloud Service: PaaS – Platform as a Service

Developers, in PaaS platform must consider a policy to develop, test and deploy a software. It is known like platform and entire SDLC. It is operated on a service model called as PAAS.

PaaS is dedicated to application developers, testers and administrators. Everything required to build up a cloud Service called SaaS application, is provided by PAAS.

Scope and Component of PaaS

On an average, development environment, programming languages, compilers, testing tools and deployment mechanism etc are included in PaaS.


In Google Apps Engine (GAE), the developer downloads the development environment, locally in the developer’s infrastructure otherwise accesses tools in the provider’s infrastructure through a browser.

Software Vendors, IT Service providers or even individual developers wishing to develop SAAS, can become subscribers of PaaS.

PAAS requirements

Developer needs to focus on just the application development. It is due the platform itself takes care of everything.

Of course, developers can work free any worries about hardware or low level software. It is due all of this stuff is governing by cloud computing service.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals Training

At this time, learn more skills about this technologies and strategies is a must. More IT professionals and staff of companies need to know how to work with it.

There are educational institutions around the world offer courses and e-leraning services. Just contact them by internet. However, another way is learn by yourself. Read articles, blogs, tutorials, watch videos and slideshows.

Learn Cloud Computing fundamentals in Video

It is a good idea to know the fundamentals of cloud check videos. It is good specially youtube videos. Many people make a tutorial about this matters and for get more info about.

In addition to, it is better get all knowledge about clear. All of this, before your company make the decision to focus on cloud technology.

Considering, another way to find videos and tutorials, I recommend as I told you youtube, can write “cloud computing platform youtube” on Search engines or only “cloud computing fundamentals” on search field in youtube platform.

However, both cases will give you interesting results. Because, they leave you learn more things and feel familiar with this technology.

Others kind of information sources

You can search more information from linkedin tutorials. It sometimes has excellent slideshows where you can go direct the points. The matters are explained well in simple way.

Now a days, Udemi offer courses to people on internet, it represents another alternative to learn and know how to work the technology.


To summaraize, our conclusions of this article are many. You have benefits, pros and cons using this technology. I think you have more pros, why? here my argument:

You will have less costs on infrastructure and IT staff, will centralize your operations, gain more time to work, everywhere.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have every reason to find cloud services. A very efficient and redundant strategy is crucial to handle your IT needs which can only be given with robust Cloud services.

In addition to, since the cloud provider offering a good deal for stores. They could adequately deal with tough scenarios very similar to stock.

Take in consideration, during the last couple of years, usage of cloud computing by firms has seen some appreciable growth. With the usage of cloud storage, you no need to put away the info in your hard disk.

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