Which are cloud computing risks?

Many people think cloud computing and others haven’t any risk and trust so much about them. But, not all brilliant metal is gold. There are some topics that you have in consideration before make a decition to migrate to a cloud technology.

The Appeal of Cloud Technology, it makes simple to share and access digital resources from any portion of the planet. It is a comprehensive computing solution, where shared resources are provided to users through internet.

For this reasos, it is very important to know the risk of cloud technology and what are the consecuences of usage with out any care. Everybody know the existence of hackers around the worlds. These kind of people always ready to attack any web or cloud server that has some of expousure on the net.

Cloud computing security risks

We know change all your own servers for cloud is very complicated. It specially when your information represent a big risk for you fall it down in competitors hands.

Of course, the cloud technology has a vast implementation in the new current technological scenario of business operations. Aldough, it is not new, but it’s a rapidly changing marketplace, appearing new tendencies and tools to manage them.

Due multiple risks and menaces from hackers that try to break the security systems on the cloud servers.

Over a time period since the day cloud computing has arrived into being, it’s being utilized in a large number of ways to try to fix the risks of security to safe your information.

Risks associated with cloud computing

The cloud Computing risks shouldn’t be take so easy, they have a lo of consecuenses if you don’t fix the problems on time. You can take on huge amounts of risks without consequence – until it’s too late.

IT firms are adopting and selling cloud services with abandon. Growth is over 100% for the past five years. While the cloud brings many benefits, many IT providers are aware of the risks in cloud computing and are charging ahead anyway.

Risks for Cloud Computing

First of all, there are many risks associated with manage your information on the cloud. The main of them is data loss. Your company can go bankruptcy if your data is not backep up in safe place. After that another important risk for you is cybersecurity this is one of important reason to choose well your cloud provider.

You need to mitigate risk on migration to cloud also. A careless and not good planned migration to the cloud could carriying more rislks and problems. It is not take fresh and distracted decission. You should have a plan to migrate all of things and systems that you need work on the cloud.

Here we have some of risks that your company will front on cloud based:

  • Loss of theft most importan information
  • Loss of control by users activities
  • Malware infections over your data to unleash an attack
  • Increased clients rotations
  • Notification to victims and disclosure required due their breached Data
  • Big possibility of revenue losses

In many cases, as said “the Ponemon BYOC study”, 64% percent of surveyeds said their companies couldn’t agreed wheter their workers are using their own cloud in the workplace.

But, It is very important to reduce these risks of unmanaged cloud usage. The companies first need visibility into the cloud services are in use by their employees. Employees must understand what data should be uploaded to the cloud server, if your company have several cloud based services they need to choose the correct it.

In this case, the IT areas’s companies should be to enforce corporate data security, compliance, and governance policies. IT area should to protect data information in the cloud from the company.

Remenber, cloud technology is here to stay for so long, and enterprises must mitigate the risks of operation in the cloud.

Choosing Good Technology

Information technology is now part of our everyday lives. The cloud computing is one of differents IT that are appearing to improve our lives. But before you decide for one company who give you a service is better to consider 4 factors to evluate choose the service of providers:

Data loss protection: As you know most of important cloud technology risk is data loss protection. If you have a episode like this. Your provider should be ready to start the contingencies plan. It consiste in some actions that he must apply hurry up to recover the information lost and restore your work functions as soon as possible.

Secure facility for storage: Digital security is very important, security of physical premises and workers who labor there are critical too. Your cloud provider should give you all the details about the security of their data storage units.

Preventive activities: To avoid hackers need to become more creative than them. Beacuse they are specialized in get breaches to access data. The cloud service providers should have security protocols in place to stop potential risks. The providers should must monitor any risks 24/7; and bring support in the same time to the customers and avoid the security’s concerns.

Respect of data’s Privacy: your Data must treat with high degree of security, because it is so important for the customers. You need to evaluate how the cloud providers manage the client’s data, how much care about it he has . ways to assure the security of data like encryption technologies are recomendable to put safe folder, call recording, video conference and more.

Take in consideration these 4 factors if you should want the latest technology to help run your organization. Cloud computing is an excellent alternative to be more productive and gain efficiency. But should have clear who is the best cloud service provider for you.

The approach to cloud security risk is the procedure for secure accessibility to the users or professionals.

Cloud computing benefits

Convenience, efficiency and data protection are just some of the immediate benefits. Large businesses have started to adapt to cloud services and individual use has soared as people use the cloud to store emails and photographs, communicate globally and access international entertainment features.

You and your employees can use an infinity numbers of SaaS applications cloud based with good and interesting benefits. There are a lot of Saas cloud applications on the marketplace that your company can approach at this time. Just you have to look for one for your needs.

Most importan benefit is the cost savings the companies using the could technology. The activities and operations from the corporate convert them more efficiently. It let the company reduce costs and improve the revenues.

Another benefit of cloud based service is the strech relationship between customers and your company, due Cloud computing allows you to easily store and access all information about your client’s and their projects whenever you need.

When communicating with a client, you can easily pull up their information and pick up where you last left off.


Cloud technology risk have many ways be present, on migrations process, security system or data loss in current cloud server operation. But most important risk is the lost revenues due a bad use from employees on the corporations. It due they don’t use the policies and apply the compliance of rules at upload the files.

If the companies don’t take on serious position, the idea of use cloud based they could go on bankruptcy due people from the companies need to receive trainings about the correct use of this important tools to the corporate. It could convert in a big snow ball if not work serously on that. I mean the CEO needs to invest in trainings to the human resources before use this kind of technology.

The importance of cloud computing shouldn’t be forget or leave to the last matter, because it is a part of group of IT strategies of the entrerprises. If you are a beginner it is highly advisable to acquire knowledge on the cloud applications before proceeding to buying a software license to work with cloud based.

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