Why you must build your own Cloud Server? Look at all reasons here.

Why you must build your own cloud server. First of all, a big group of companies and small business are moving to cloud tecnology fastly. Why? There are many reasons I want to talk over about your own cloud server. How to build your own cloud. I hope you like this article.

Of course, many small business companies are chossing this technology. They are thinking that’s best way to make business.

But you should make a check list of cloud providers. Because they should fulfill your requirements before you decide by one.

Whether you’re ready to get your own cloud server. It should be flexible and scalable to get more resources when you need it.

You must be very careful about it. Because, when you build you own cloud service in the choosing a best conditions for your company.

Finally, services you need should help your data processing, web paging and ERP system since start up the service.

Step by Step building your own cloud server

Even Though believe or not, it isn’t a big resources cloud computing service you need it. Just the first on board list of your qualify analysis of your needs of time of processing and disk space on the cloud.

First of all, if you’ve a local server to host your files and process data. You should make a hybrid cloud before where the cloud server will share functions temporary with local host.

Check List for Cloud migration

For readines your cloud migration you need a thorough analysis. Please take in consdideration the requirements of your business to decide a cloud architecture, in hardware and software also.

Of course, whether you need to consider the point above first and continue whit next points:

  • Choose the cloud architecture you need, agree your business.
  • Define a hibryd cloud technology, you should decide for top’s market providers like: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, HP Hybrid Cloud Solution, Alibaba Cloud and others.
  • Set up all of your needs on eviroment.
  • Make a long backup of your data and systems and use a mirror policy to replicate all data in premises and cloud station untill migration is finished.

Finally, you’re now connected to your own cloud server. There you have to set up all parameters and applications like your bunisess requirements.

After that, install your CRM, ERP and other software tools to work with your data. After this, leave your employees can use the systems everywhere, everytime.

Backing Up your data and accomplishments

In addition, you can make back up of entire server is easily. Specially to one or several data storage centers. At this time, virtual servers were introduced and have come to be very popular platforms.

Because they give high performance at quite inexpensive prices and let you build your cloud like you need without deppending on others solutions and customers from the same company who provide your cloud service.

Build your own cloud server

Really I can tell you when you’re sharing your server with different businesses, you’re also sharing bandwidth.

It’s possible to install anything that you want in your cloud server and that’s done on demand. A server can host a single website or many distinctive sites.

While cloud servers can be costly, they’re also able to be much simpler to manage, and they are able to be versatile with cloud VPS hosting allowing you to get the speed and functionality you need.

Both just at a cost you can spend. They provide a faster service for your money.

how to Build your Own Cloud Server

How to build your own cloud?

Once you talk over about this technology on your enterprise. The next step consist on choose just exactly what it is that you’re looking for while searching for a cloud server.

Fasthosts Cloud servers are made to be resilient to numerous hardware or connection issues automatically.

Cloud computing is a big time-saver and doesn’t need businesses to become extra hardware or software. this is something that has been a popular topic of discussion on technology sites everywhere.

Of course, it is essentially a service that offers you online storage space for your documents and other information.

How to make your own cloud server?

How to make my own cloud? The cloud is a method for several computers to connect to a cloud server and execute many functions.

It is commonly used to refer to several servers. They are connected to the internet that can be leased as part of a software or application service.

Presently, cloud computing has turned into a significant trend both big and smaller businesses, more than 80% in US move to this technology, governments utilize cloud computing to create everyday life less complicated. It is all about the sharing computing resources on the internet or over the network.

Own Cloud is the perfect case of reliability and affordability. However it hasn’t an automatically method for backing up your valuable data, need set up this and turn up more strong an efficient service for your company. 

Set Up your own cloud server

Fisrt of all, to build a cloud server, you have to receive your server instance ready. You’ll have there several different options to configure up and, depending on the size of your organization, there’s one that is the right one for you.

If you do choose to benefit from the cloud-computing phenomenon in your organization, then you have many alternatives.

The huge benefit of getting your own private cloud server is that you’ll be the only one in control and you’ll know where your data is located.

Build your own cloud server windows

How to create your own cloud server based on windows? Simple, Microsoft Corp, offer a Cloud services based on Windows OS. It’s a good option to you start up on cloud network.

Microsoft product Azure offers you an interesting several tools like databases, E-mails, Time of data processing and  big storage. all of these software licensed.

How to build your own azure cloud? It’s easy, just choose a cloud plan according your requirements. After that, into cloud console you can set up at your convinience, all of resources of your own cloud.

If you have any question or problem with your configuration plan, call up the support area . All of services are versatiles and scalables.

Cloud Based Server Hosting

Yes, you’re right, service providers provide services to cloud organizations to take care of their cloud related issues so that companies can concentrate on other small business plans that are vital for their growth.

You need only know what kind of service you want to get and what amount of space you will need, together with the quantity of bandwidth.

A number of services are available and the reach of options can be rather diverse. Additionally, you have numerous cloud services out there which serve your wants, which means you really will only be paying for what you require, rather than some established fee.

Obviously, make sure you pick a provider that supply month-to-month your company. So that, you should wish to switch. You’re not tied to a contract. The cloud vendrors always to be ready for manage your operations smoothly in the digital world.

How to make your own cloud storage

Of course, you can make your own cloud storage at home too, just need a big band witdth. It must give you a possibility to make steaming. Why? because, the main reason to have your owb cloud at home is playing you movies and music you have on your hard disk from your desktop.

Obviously, when you’re purchasing a cloud server space, you get a highly effective physical and digital infrastructure. Usually, hosting personal websites is absolutely free or inexpensive. But if you wish to host a business site, or a more detailed, complex website, the budget will be different.

As a way to host a video, however, you first must host the site, since the site has the video. For those humans using a site, and the majority of the time for those humans who run it.

Furthermore, the transition won’t make any true difference. If you are in need of a minimal cost website hosting alternative, shared hosting is a favorite alternative.

Cloud storage account with the Plex Media Server

Since 7 years ago, apear a new wave of cloud technology. The Plex media server or plex cloud storage. This server can run from your home or by cloud service. Yes, there are some platform software you can download and set up your own cloud server at home.

build your own cloud storage at home

Once you downloaded the plex server application, set up your own cloud to address it from internet. Specially by smartphones and tablets or any devices like smart TV or movies displays.

You can connect by Wifi. Today by day, many devices offer this kind of facilities to make interactions between components. Many of these using standards drives or connect to internet to download hurry up.

After all configurations you will have a plex server ready to use and it shows you all movies and music that you have storage on your own cloud. Build your own cloud storage are really simple.

Run your Plex Cloud Storage from Cloud Server

Other options to run your own plex cloud storage is from Cloud service provider. Even though set up it results simple agianst configure it at home, you have some disavantages and advantages.

One of them is upload to server all files you have installed in premises. One of advantages is you don’t worry about ip address. It is set up and you’ll see and ear your files easily from everywhere anytime.

Plex server service Providers

Meantime you can review these web pages to create your own cloud storage. At this moment, I’ll show you 7 og f them:

Some features about Plex media Server

Take in consideration that iwhether you would like to bring another cloud storage account.Eventualy, you are going to have to disconnect the connection which you already have.

You may only connect a single cloud storage account with the Plex Media Server at a time.Then you’re going to be in a position to go right ahead and add the new storage account.

Previously, the shared hosting service was never thought to be a trustworthy solution for corporate sites. For this reason, this new cloud technology offer come to be a very trusty solution .

Google Drive Storage

Since a few time, Google Drive is defined as personal cloud storage. It’s available and free for you, functioning from 2009 aprox. Google was visionary company.

It gives an excellent tool for users. Many people around the world go ahead to get a supscriptions on this app. Even though, Google annouced will closed the operations, it’s working yet for their subscribers. It gives 15GB of space for free.

If you want a e-mail account too, you must share the space between both. But you have a lot space free for upload important information over there. In addition, even you’ll have more space .

Due you’ll receive your emails by Gmail and don’t use more disk space.

Reasons you should build your own cloud

Advantages of your own Cloud server

There are lots of benefits to cloud computing. Whether there’re any positive effects of ATX Tax software hosting on the clients interaction. You can manage it before choosing one of advantages of ATX Tax software hosting.

The Tax firms want to have the idea for what cloud hosting is about.

Then let’s look at the steps. Which you have to follow as way to add content to your Plex Media Server from the cloud storage platform.

The most important reasons are:

Speeds increased

Normally, when you are building your own cloud server, all files copied on enviroment from you are read hurry up more than standard web hosting service.

Take duly note, build your own cloud help you to get more velocity on I/O transactions. It’s due hardaware and software are prepared to respond on time. When I talking about software I mean operative system.

At now, Linux, Unix, Windows Server, IOS, are using on computers in the cloud. All of them working hand by hand VMS systems to you get the best service. Any cloud provider you choosed, he working hard to offer the excellence of service.

This is the reason for speed increase when ytou build a cloud server.

Increase safety

Day by day, many companies and people move to make own cloud server. To make this change they are ready to improve the security on his IT software.

In this case, you can depend on cloud service security or buy a software or service by internet that give you more security.

In many cases, you need to get a trustwhorty company or service thar give you a security service. If you need to know more information please read this article: What to do about Cloud Security

Also, you can contact companies that offer services of safety cloud. You can see SafetyCloud.

Reduce costs

Though believe or not, it isn’t a secret you will reduce costs. Whe you work on cloud technology your IT staff goes down. Just need one or two people instead a big area with 12 employees.

Besides, fixed costs are reduce too. Due less use of electricity, furniture, office suppliers and more.

Easy to use and monitor

Even though, the shared hosting offered monitor panel to check all functionality parameters, it was limited. Cloud technology offer new tools. All you need to manage by remote control the service.

In many cases, cloud server providers offers you a complete service to support many Operative System functionalities. Just them leave you only the administration of business management software.


Once you decide to make your own cloud server have to consider this points:

Follow these steps to build your own cloud server.

Before make a thorough analysis, define cloud arquitecture and strategy to move the information.

Make actions in coordination using in premises server and clouds servers to avoid lost data.

You can choose from known brands like google, amazon, microsoft, alibaba, etc. or decide for reputed cloud compañies to establish your own cloud.

Whether you want create your own cloud server storage. You can do that with plex media server. It can run from your home or in cloud service provider.

Ahother Cloud Storage you can use is Google Drive. There you can copy any info, It is free until 15GB. Your info will be able everywhere anytime.

The most important advantages of build your own cloud server are: speed increased, increased safety, reduce costs and easy to use and monitor.

If you want to reply please leave a message or if want to know about cloud computing please check this article: What’s cloud computing simple terms?

Do not hesitate to contact us on webconection.net or send an personal email to sales@webconection.net for more information.

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