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Through your Digital Business, to do this you need:

  • An Internet Domain, which you have already chosen.

  •  Web Hosting

  • Create Your Website with a Virtual Store

  • Generate Digital Marketing


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Web Hosting, where your Digital Business will generate the improvements you need

To stand out above your competition

The 4 Benefits of Our Web Hosting for your Company

These Benefits will allow you to take advantage of your competition. You will enjoy a Secure Domain and Hosting Service for your Virtual Store Business. Here I show you:

1. Your Business Active All Day and Every Day

At Web Conection we care that your Business is Active all year round, including holidays.

Your Clients will see you online all the time, so you will not miss any opportunity to Sell and Win more Clients than your Competition

2. You will be permanently informed

You will always be communicated through your website with your clients. Through different channels:

  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Corporate Emails
  • Contact Form

Information will flow freely and quickly between your clients and the company.

3. More Space and Faster

Our services offer you the necessary space for your emails, your Website and your Online Store.

You just have to choose the right plan for you and your needs, we have plans for all your needs.

Your emails are protected from Spam with installed services that block misuse of email accounts.

4. Dedicated 24/7 Support

An excellent support service that gives you the guarantee of receiving the help you need at the right time.

Our experts will help you with your emails and configure your website.

Our Special service for Virtual Stores is one of the best.

The Features of your Web Hosting

How Web Hosting Works

You will control all your web hosting from Cpanel, this platform allows you complete administration of all its functions. Among which are:

  • Create your Corporate email accounts,
  • Upload and download files, create directories,
  • Manage your backups and Restore
  • FREE SSL Security Certificates and Much More

More Features

Manage your Site from
Your Mobile Smartphone

Unlimited Bandwidth with Customized FTP Service

Perfect Connectivity to
Main BackBones

Totally FREE SSL Security Certificate

Visit Statistics with G. Analytics and Search Console

Upload your Site Files easily and quickly

Now that everything is ready…

Set up your Virtual Store and Sell Much More

A complete Store, where you start selling immediately, with which you can do:

  1. Register Your Products
  2. Carry out Sales Campaigns
  3. Get Subscribers
  4. Share your products on Facebook
  5. Email Marketing to send Offers to your clients

The Best Plans for you to set up your store, register your products, have maintenance for one year and receive SEO Consulting and Training

To continue growing…

Develop your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your website is ready and your virtual store is already installed, the next step is to develop your Digital Marketing strategy.

Reach more customers through periodic publications, offers and announcements of your products through Newsletters.

Promote on Social Networks, free and paid. Make people identify with your brand and products.

Finally, Optimize your virtual store for organic SEO and apply SEM strategies for Paid Marketing.

Web Conection offers you all services to Solve your problems. We work with You and will see the results.

You see how easy it is…

Dare to Grow!

Just get in touch with us through Live Chat or leave us a message in the contact form, and one of our specialists will help you with everything you need.

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If you ask us to cancel the service before 30 days after making the purchase, we will refund your money, otherwise, the service will continue as contracted.

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