Robotic & Mechatronic are working hard to get new industrial facilties

What is Robotic Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering

What is Robotic Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering  the robotics is present in many insdustries, in many fileds like medicine, sciece, industry, now the tendency in the market goes to develop the artificial intelligence to give the robots more tools to make his job. The mechatronic is a complement right now of the robotic technology and now go in pairs develop applications. But robotics and mechatronics are not the same, we are explaining the concepts below.

Is it the same to say robotics as mechatronics?

The People  believe that mechatronics engineering and robotics is the same. However, these concepts do not mean the same thing. Currently not all robots are mechatronics, there is a large percentage that are not, in addition to robots do not represent the entire mechatronic systems only a part of it. Robotics is a branch of mechatronics. Robots are part of a mechatronic system, and as such they must be configured to meet the objectives for which they were created.

Robotic & Mecatronics