Take advantage our digital marketing plans

In Web Conection we offer you work plans in the execution of your digital marketing plan.

Our services are oriented to the management of social networks, generating brand identification publications.

Also, through campaigns to promote the products and services of customers.

The analysis of SEO Positioning through audits is also part of Web Conection services.

The development of analysis, evaluation of keywords, as well as SEO restructuring are a main part of the service.

Finally, the generation of content aimed at optimizing keywords and generating positioning are part of the most important objectives of our services.

Digital Marketing Plans

Web Conection has defined plans to offer you the different components of digital marketing.

Plans that collaborate with the strategic marketing of your business.

Four types of plans have been defined and crystallized considering a mix of services.

Which complement each other, these range from social media posts to

SEO optimization and content creation.

Considering this, we have the plans: Basic, Intermediate, advanced and content creation.

Here the table with the activities that include:

Social Network Plans
Development of Social Strategies, through publications in Networks.
Weekly Publications
Publication in 9 Groups / Week
Publication in 4 Social Networks
Evaluation of results
Paid Publications
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Advanced Network and SEO
Oriented to a global strategy in networks and search engines.
It includes the Intermediate plan
SEO Off Page Audit
Corrective Execution
SEO Post Analysis
Weekly content development
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Content Marketing Plan
Create content on the website by using Keywords.
Keyword Analysis
Selection of the same
Content Generation
Post SEO Evaluation
Article Optimization
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Special services

Although these plans are structured according to the most urgent for companies and businesses in Marketing issues.

But it is possible to shred these plans into the basic elements to create your own plan.

If you need specialized and structured services differently from the plans presented, contact us.

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