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Why you need Corporate Emails for your Company

Since the Internet was created, the corporate emails were the fisrt service on appeared on the net. It was a very instersting way to communicate speedy and easy. It grew faster than traditional mail post, traveling big dinstances just a few seconds. Now it is 30 years old and works better every day.

In this article. We show you, what is corporate email. How Web Conection offer you the best service in the market. we invite to you to read and buy one.

What is Corporate Emails

The corporate emial gives the companies a solution to send digital documents. Also can stablish a connection safety. Besides companies can develope marketing strategies to atract more visits to his web sites.

However your company or any small business, need to use that service to work better. Because it improve your productivity, generating better relationships among all areas in the company.

Sales area currently use emails to communicate with customers. They use this strong tool to meet potentials clients. The e-mails make connectios between your sales force and new prospects.

Your growth must be enforcement with a strong presence on internet. Corporate emails is the perfect tool to increase your power and make branding.

The email address

Your own e-mails give a special identification with his customer. It means you are developing your brand, the people will recognize the company name on the domain.

Take into consideration the Corporate emails also leave design the web site. Where introduce the company to the people. You must explain all products and services too. At this case it recommends you make a form page to contact more customers and potencialy clients. Just they leave a message to you by fill this form.

It means, your email would be like this “”. However, your customer must remember your products and services through the company name.

Email Nomenclature

After that you should decide about how you will build the names for your emails accounts. It means you should have a root structure like a base of all of names that you need to create.

After that go to set up your emails account on the server, to define your email accounts, you may use names for your workers or the name of areas from the comapny.

Examples of emails

Corporate emails examples there are many around the world wide web, we are showing just a few examples like these:,,, and others.

These examples show you how the companies use his domain name to create his own emails accounts and gain much more on the customers brains.

Making Branding

Email Corporate give your business an identity and personality on the market. You will be saw differentiated from the rest of competitors. Because they only use free emails like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many more to work.

Build a brand with emails is the best advisor that we could give you, just accept the challenge and make your business bigger and bigger and bigger. You can not stop to grow by this road, the road of awesome deals.

How to find corporate emails

Find corporate emails to your business is really simple, just arrange a contract with web hosting dealer and reserver your domain, many suppliers have specials offers to web host and emails, just need to setup and create your accounts using Cpanel or others dashboard.

Already created you email accounts just need to configure it in your devices, movil phones, tablets, desktops wherever you want to use them.

How corporate emails works

Working with corporate email is very easy. Just set up it into your email app start to read and send message. It works like a Google, Yahoo or Outlook.

You may use webmail platform, also to read and write emails. Just need a browser and the URL to access the email server, all of suppliers offer this kind of service.

Templates and Signature

After the first step to use your corporate email. It needs to define the presentation of your messages, for this situation we need to use templates.


The templates for corporate emails can help you. You may offer to clients the best image of your company. The template show two important part of message: the head of the message with the logo and slogan. The footer with the rest of information of the company.


The signature is like a business letter, it is very important. This part of business letters was moved on the same way to emails. Because it offers the formality.

It lets identify the person who is in charge of, and who has written the business letter.

It give seriousness and credibility to your clients and people believe on your products and services offered on your message.


Both the templates and signature, showed in armony build a good image’s company. Remember, the business letters was changed by the email message. For this reason the good presentation of our emails are crucial to impress our prospects, and achieve the deals.

Corporate emails free

This kind of service does not exist at now. Just Google offered a Business Application 8 years ago. It was a free service for corporate emails, with intention of introduce that to the internet community.

This new service, where Google offered web hosting and email accounts, started like free service for unlimited accounts for long. But, after six months aprox. Google change the policy and just offered 50 free emails accounts at this moment.

At now, the service change his name to “G Suite”. At now, just it is only for pay, no more free service to corporate emails accounts.

Email Policy

Web Conection pay attention on emails Policies. Beacuse our reputation is very important for us. We make strong efforts pushing the anti spam policies. Fightting others kind of malicious manners. We are fighting against to infect mail boxes with infected messages.

The spam and pishing are prohibited in our host servers. Because it so risky for us, also it goes against to our honorable reputation achieved. It wan through many years of hard work on this industry.

All of our clients may set up anti spam application from Cpanel. Since their web hosting enviroment and avoid that many undesired emails. It applies to all accounts on the hostig server .

Our Recommendation

You need to start up with a good star. You have to work hard since the begining, to achive a brand name in the market. One of good skill to get that, it starts to work with own emails.

It has a cost, but it will be so better to build your brand. You will get more rewards from the market than your competition.

You will win with this Offer

Web Conection, leader in the industry, offer to you much benefits, when you apply for email corporate service.

We have diffenciate service from web hosting pages and virtual stores. Besides, we can offer you an interesting proposa. If you only want to get emails, and little by little goes to build your web site and more.

Check our plans for corporate email and how it can change your life and your business. If you want to know more about us check our company page.