Why SEO Audit is important? Know it here since beginning

why do you need a seo audit know here

First of all, the SEO Audit, is one important part of SEO, for this reason it is a point to consider on any internet project.

Here, we want to explain what is it, definitions, how it works, what are their components, why do you need a SEO Audit. 

These questions will be answered for try to make an approach to this matter. Due it is essential to your website achieve organic traffic and gain more audience.

Finally, Web Conection wants you get best results on your business goals, fighting to the bad practices on SEO. 

Certainly, your company will be in advantage to be in front of competitors. Come on, let us show how to we can do it for your business.

What is the SEO audit? A first approach

In competitive world it is not enough get a web page to get organic visits. It is necessary an SEO Audit. It is the analysis of your website.

Which is based on search engines factors that are relevant for them. When you manage this factors in correct way,.

They let your website appear on the first places on the SERPs. It means your web pages will print as organic search results. 

The SEO audit dives within the technical infrastructure of your web site. It combines two kind of process, SEO on-page and off-page. 

They are revisions to in order to determine, opportunities, issues and recommended fixes.

what is seo audit

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Why do I need a website audit?

why you need website audit

You need a Website SEO audited, because it will give your website advantages against your competitors. 

A website audited give you the posibility to  improve the efficiency and visibility of your website. 

It is essential to advance on Google search ranking while your website are increasing traffic and get best performance.

At present this service means a gold opportunity to your business growth online. 

Website audit help you realize the errors presents on your website and recommend the solutions to fix them. 

Website Audit is the key to generate organic visits at your website.

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What is included in an SEO audit?

Deppending on level you want to go the analysis. 

On first level you have to analyze low technicals aspects like sitemaps, robots, server performance, metadata.

Second Level let you check keywords, contents, optimiation and value added.

The high level it should check the indexation, accessibility, and indexation.

To put it differently, SEO Audit implies make two class of reports, SEO On Page and SEO off Page. In fact they are including all topics show above.

what include seo audit

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How long does a website audit take?

how log take seo audit

Whether you want a standard SEO audit for your website. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. 

But whether you considering the actual size of the website the review can late more time. Really it depends on what kind of elements will be included in the analysis.

Kinds of review Analysis

A simple analysis consist in: content review , website speed, broken links,  devices responsiveness and generate report  should take about 40 mins. 

A complex analysis, where you review all of factors to improve all of your website it could be taking from 10  to  25 hours or more.

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The SEO Audit Report

Certainly, after all reviews on your website the SEO Audit generate a Report of all the factors that affect website’s visibility in search engines. 

This Report gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic on individual pages. After that, it offers a recommendations about how to solve the issues discovered.

Furthermore, SEO Audit Report give a complete information to put your website on the first places in search results. 

Try with us and give the results increasing traffic, conversions and more sales. Check our Digital Marketing service to help you with leads and conversions.

seo audit report one

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Web Conection SEO Audit

web conection seo audit analysis

Here in Web Conection has a budget for any clients, just talk to and we recommend a strategy  for your website convinience. We have two kind of analysis.

Simple Analysis SEO Audit

It is a basic SEO audit, which would take an estimated 7-14 hours, is recommended depending on the volume of work.

Complex Analysis SEO Audit

It is a more detailed SEO audit, it implies more exhaustive revision. 

We can be deal by hours and the cost can fall depends on quantity of worked hours.

As for hourly, we found that most wages would fall in 10% per hour.

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