How to make Web Pages for Your Business?

Creating Web Pages for your business is the best option to offer your services, promote your products, carry out your Marketing campaigns and much more, in short, Sell More, consult our Design plans.

Create Your Dynamic Web Pages
Now It’s Easier

Dynamic websites are a kind of website that you need. Since you must update your company information day by day.

For this reason, having a CMS platform and an update strategy is the best for you.

According to this, you have the possibility to build a dynamic website and be prepared.

Since its creation, Web Conection creates dynamic websites. These websites are 100% manageable, allowing changes instantly.

In addition, we train you to do it yourself. In your business, you have to manage your website.

Why should you build a
Dynamic Website?

In fact, over the years, online businesses have been changing. The web has grown from merely informative pages and now you can set up anything from a blog to a virtual store.

Keep in mind that today, you don’t just need an informative website. What your company needs is to develop the entire cycle of your business.

What does this mean?

That you inform your customers, convince them and sell them your products and services.

Your Dynamic Web Page is the tool you need, fully manageable, it will help you get customers, keep them informed and promote your Products. (Digital marketing).

Advantages of a Dynamic Web Page

The advantages of a dynamic website are many, here I list the most important:

  • It is totally administrable, from the users, texts, images, design of the pages and the blog.
  • Ready to use once it is developed.
    It uses a database for the registration and control of information.
  • The most popular are the so-called CMS or content managers.
  • One of the most important is WordPress, which has a free license and access to thousands of free plugins as well.
  • The use of a dynamic web page allows your information to be updated in seconds.
  • Modification time is significantly reduced.

How to Manage Your Dynamic Website?

  • The administrator of a dynamic website takes full control of the website. Especially the admin role, it makes sure that all the instances of your website work.
  • This means that he cares about the website as a whole. He looks after security, plugins and design. He takes control of users and their roles defined for them.
  • The editors are those who care about keeping the page updated in information and graphics.
  • They are an important piece within the circuit of administration of the page. They are commonly called Authors.
  • Finally, there are those in charge of SEO positioning, who ensure that the pages and articles are optimized for search engines to index them.

Steps to Build Your Pages
Dynamic Websites

Step 1 – Get a Domain and Web Hosting

Activities to Get your Domain and Web Hosting:

  • Choose the web domain name that you like the most. look for it in the domain section and check if it is not in use.
  • After that, choose the web hosting server where your page will go. There are many servers on the market. Having to choose gives you the best advantages.
  • Chosen the hosting company, choose the hosting plan that best suits you.
    Web Conection offers you all this, you just have to go to the following link to choose the plan that best suits you.
  • If you have questions about the plans, just click the button below.
Servidores de web

Step 2 – Design and Create Your Web Page

design and create website

This step with a dynamic web page is the easiest thing that exists. After choosing your CMS. Install it and start configuring the design and security elements.

For all intents and purposes, for Web Conection the CMS we use is WordPress, one of the most widely used in the world.

The Advantages of WordPress is that it has many plugins that allow you to layout your own design directly on the screen.

Take care of security and you can set up your Institutional page, web applications and your virtual store.

And best of all, you design and develop in half the time. Finishing the project faster.

Step 3 – Target Your Website to SEO

  • Apply the principles of SEO from the beginning so that your page begins to position itself.
  • We apply the rules of SEO On Page Audit to improve the optimization of your site.
  • We leave everything ready for your website to start gaining positions in the SERPS.
  • Finally, we set up sharing buttons on social networks for your page and blog articles.

Web Conection leaves the page ready for you to start indexing, it will depend on you that it achieves the first places.

If you want more information about this service, press the quote button on your website.

Step 4 – Use Images and Videos on your Page

  • Photos are an indispensable part of a web page. With it the quality of the content rises. It is more if you can include a much better video.
  • The Images and Videos complement the content information. Helping the reader to better understand the topics that are discussed in the content.
  • Use images and videos depending on the type of design. according to the target market of our client. Right now, we are focused on using them.
  • 60% of web page design is composing by images and icons right now.

Web Conection takes special interest in designing with images that allow users to be guided within the theme of the web page that the client wishes to show to the public.

Step 5 – Train to Use Your Website

After all the effort of the project, having completed the website. It is now when Web Conection gives you a totally free training.

This consists of learning how to use the WordPress CMS to manage your website.

Thus, you will be able to carry out these activities easily:

  • Modify web pages.
  • create new products.
  • Upload and Update Photos and Videos.
  • Create important events and dates,
    Create work boards.
  • Update social networks like twitter or Facebook.
  • Create Articles on your Blog

In simple words, CMS to do everything will be ready online in a fraction of time.

Update your website online without much effort.

What is the Web Connection Experience?

Our professionals have experience in three Important Sectors such as: Business, Education and Artists.


  • Small business
  • Corporations
  • Workbench
  • Real estate

NGOs and Education

  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants
  • NGO’s
  • Tourism Agency

Photo, Art and Fashion

  • fashion sites
  • Portfolio Artist
  • Landscape design
  • Writers Authors

In Conclusion

Our experience covers the Design and Configuration of WordPress Pages.

Our designs meet all industry standards, are fully

adaptable to any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

It is very important to consolidate business, we design your website,

We configure your social networks, e-store, we adapt the website to SEO and more.

We Create Your Full Managed Web Page

Web Conection offers you an Integral service where your Company can Grow and Develop:

  • We have a team for your project that focuses on offering you the best service.
  • They apply their experience to make great designs for our clients. You can trust our service.
  • It is fully accredited!! All our designs and developments are 100% manageable.
  • You can change all the information on the page at any time.
  • We offer you web pages ready to go to work from the first day of launch.
  • At Web Conection we have the manageable web page solution according to your needs.
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