Web Applications for your Business

Web applications such as the shopping cart, e-learning and CMS for blogs are ideal software platforms for your Entrepreneurship. At Web Conection we know this and that is why we offer you all these Applications so that your business can grow.

Creating the Web Application You Need

You should know that if you require a web application to interact with your customers, you must orient it to the niche you want to reach.

Many Businesses Fail because they are not clear about the Target Audience.

We have the Tools for you to collect information from your clients, send them offers and sell your products.

All this, directly from your Online store, through your Shopping Cart.

What are Web Applications,
Virtual Stores and Blogs?

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There are more applications aimed at automating services, such as state services for example. There are also web applications for company intranets.

In addition, all this can work from Web Hosting and will help us a lot when growing your business.

Finally, these can be: a virtual store, a blog, a video gallery, a photo gallery, images or information from electronic publications or electronic books, etc.

Build your Website using Applications

Our experience in the development of information systems is based on multiple IT activities that we can mention:

  • We use open source software tools.
  • The development of applications on technological platforms such as:
    • Development in PHP and JAVA Programming code,
      Content Manager-ECM and CMS,
    • E-learning virtual education platform, etc.
    • Information systems development and analysis consulting.
  • Computer audit at all levels of the organization.
  • Design and development of Web applications, such as virtual stores, electronic commerce, virtual education services (E-learning).

Web Conection has developed Services Oriented to SEO and Digital Marketing, using social networks such as Facebook, Google +, linkedIn, among others.

Our Participation in Projects

Our experience in information technology It is shared between public and private companies. Public companies are related to government organizations, where we have been working in the AIDS sector, the Public Health Insurance sector and the transportation sector.

We have participated in the development of the following projects:

  • Consulting for the analysis and design of the comprehensive APCI system.
  • Installation and development of the Insured Support Association-KURAME portal.
  • Development of the MOODLE system, virtual education platform for the ESSALUD social health insurance in Peru.
  • Configuration of the ESSALUD business process management platform in Peru.
  • Portal of the global Hospital classroom program of Fundación Telefónica, for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.
  • COMBO software creator for Corporación Jose R. Lindley.
  • Creation of web applications for the UNICON portal.

Our OutSourcing service

We provide OutSourcing services in the following areas:

  • In the development, support and maintenance of software (information systems).
  • Support users in the help desk and help areas.
    Network and structured cabling services.
  • Application Support Services and administration of databases and operating systems
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