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Create a Website using Web Design Techniques

What is Graphic Design ?

A Graphic design web responsive create web pages shopping cart, they are some of services we offer you, design of e-commerce stores and design others kind templates using responsive technology make possible our web page shows in tablets and movil phones.

All of templates using  jquery animations, leader of the industry, allow to design shows to users more widgets to navigate outside the home or out the office.

We could not be oblivious to that trend, and we offer graphic design and web responsive, impactful, fast download, fully illustrated and fast storage in cache so that the user experience is spectacular, our graphic designs are hosted in our hostings in Peru they are the best

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Create a website using web design techniques

Design Tools:

In the world of web design there are multiplicity of tools with which to work, free and paid, our team makes a mix in order to find the best options and get the optimal results with a competitive web design. We using a CMS WordPress to develop a responsive design with an efficient platform obtaining the best combination. It guarantee to give your clients a good experience in speeds environments to show your web site quickly.

develop software application

Thus, within the tools and components we use to mention the following:

  • Graphic editing software of last generation.
  • Editing Software Html, XML, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, JQuery and others.
  • CMS platform for creation web pages. It let edit the contents and make interactive updates.
  • MariaDB Database for managing the web site.
  • Gateway for purchases and payments for a virtual store of products and services over the Internet.

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Technological Trends

The trends and new technological advances in the communications sector allow people to connect to the Internet from a smartphone or smartphone. For this reason all of our web designs are responsive and you can sell and get conversions from any device your clients are watching your web site.

Although these already exist many years ago, it is not until the evolution of the connections at a higher speed like 3G. The early arrival of the 4G and now 5G ports that make this type of phones are for everyday use and with greater capacity. 

graphic design web
web design trends

So now when carrying a smartphone we are charging a microcomputer with high storage capacity and portability.

The only disadvantage is the need for web pages are adaptable to this type of devices with small screens, although the size of these has been growing in this type of devices. 

Furthermore,  it was necessary to create new technologies capable of generating a friendly query to the web pages of the network.

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The importance of an attractive Web Design:

Social Networks

In conclusion, a well executed design brings many possibilities for business growth. It also brings a substantial improvement in the company’s income. 

Punctually the most outstanding points are the following:

  • It allows you to grow your income.
  • Improve the presence of your business in the market.
  • Designs totally adaptable to any device connected to the internet.
  • Improve your marketing strategies using your website to contact more customers.
  • Possibility of contact 24 hours a day; and the 365 days of the year.
  • We design Pages with high visual, dynamic and animated attraction that highlight your products.
  • Easy navigability within the structure of the web site.

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Web Conection’s Jobs

Throughout our business life we ​​have developed and built pages according to the trends and technologies demanded by the market, now we want to show you a small portfolio of what we have been doing now for our clients:

Zinka Saric
Stroke World
Sergio Corvacho
Oannes Señor de las Olas
Lima Bremen
Ilae Colombia
Iccegrass sintetico sac peru
Cometa Peru
Ainhoa la Legenda


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Customizable Web Design (Responsive)
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Customizable Web Design (Responsive)
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