Web Conection’s Overview, all of services We can offer to You

Team Work company

General services to all industries and  web connection, both are main services our Comapny can offer to you, besides offer Web Pages, Web design, SEO Audit, Community manager services,  Digital Marketing, cloud computing and much more.

We have over 19 years of experience actively participating in several areas, advisoring a lot of Entrepeneurs with secrets of webconections and clues to achieve your challenges.

Earlier we start our activities in Information Technology (IT), through  the years we pay attention to needs our customers to improve and start new areas like as general services.

All our work groups providing our services with trust, quality and guaranty. We have a qualified work team in the management of general services  and Technologies both with strong leaders guiding his workgroup to acomplish the poject’s objetives.

The staff is always being trained to meet the goals set working so hard to achieve the objectives. The most important thing for us is to offer our clients competitive quality services.


Contribute to the success of people and companies, educating, training, informing and offering services, all of the highest quality that makes us different from our competitors and allows us to be recognized over time.


Be recognized for providing the best solutions with quality services. We offer you the best in the areas of General Services, as well as Webhosting, domain names, web design, SEO Advasory, Digital Marketing and Communitiy Maganer services.

Overall objective

Advise, provide information, products and services with maximum quality for them according to the needs of customers, who request them.

Specific objectives

Give a quality service in all of our activities, offering a good people to fill the charges in differents jobs like, manpower to constructions industry, cleaning industry, etc.

Serve our clients in compliance with international quality standards and work procedures established in the services for which we have been contracted.

Use of Open Source technologies and / or tools, such as: MySql, Java, Php, Postgresql, WordPress, Moodle, among others.

Develop computer applications that serve as tools to support our clients to improve their efficiency in the development of their activities.

Our values

To achieve our objectives and offer quality services, we cultivate our teamwork in: transparency, sense of responsibility, punctuality, integrity of the company, order, creativity and finally respect among team members.

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