What is Web Connection?

We are a company that offers its clients the services of design and development of web applications, apps and other internet services.

So also general services to all kinds of industry. Both are our main tools to help our clients’ business growth

We have more than 20 years of experience, in which we have been actively participating in various economic areas.

We provide advice to many Entrepreneurs with tips and strategies in order to achieve their goals.

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Our services

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That is why Web Conection offers within the Technology Area the services of:

  • Web Graphic Design,
  • Layout and development of web applications,
  • Development of Web sites for Virtual Stores.

In addition, we have ventured into Digital Marketing offering our clients:


  • Management of Social Networks
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO positioning

Company Objectives

General Objective

Advise, manage, provide information, design, develop, offer products and services with the highest quality for them according to the needs of customers who request it.

Use and apply the latest technologies and/or open source tools, such as: MySql, PostgreSQL, Java, PHP, WordPress, Moodle, in the development of our work.

In addition, manage and manage specific personnel that allow our clients to have their time in activities aimed at generating value.

Specific objectives

Offer a high quality service in all our operations, with quality personnel for the different positions in construction, cleaning area, etc.

Serve our clients complying with the quality standards and work processes established in the service agreements for which we have been hired.

Develop computer applications that serve as tools to help our clients improve their efficiency in the development of their activities.

Mission, Vision and Values


Contribute to the success of people and companies, educate, train, inform and offer services, all of the highest quality that differentiates us from our competitors and allows us to be recognized over time.


Be recognized for providing the best solutions with quality services. We offer you the best in the areas of General Services, as well as Web Hosting, Domain Names, Web Design, SEO Advasory, Digital Marketing and Community Maganer services.

Our Values

To achieve our objectives and offer quality services, we cultivate our teamwork in: transparency, sense of responsibility, punctuality, company integrity, order, creativity and finally respect among team members.

Our work team

At the beginning, we started our activities in information technology (IT), through the years we pay attention to the needs of our clients to improve and start new areas such as general services.

IT Team

All our working groups provide services generating trust, quality and guarantee.

WebConection has a qualified work team in information technology management.

Both led by people with extensive experience with clear objectives and framed within those of the Project.

Training in new technologies are permanent.

General Services Team

Staff are always trained to meet set targets by working as hard as necessary.

They share the objectives and make the mission, vision and values of the company for which they work their own.

The most important thing for us is to offer our clients competitive quality services.

For more information, contact us that we will gladly assist you:

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