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What is Web hosting and Internet services?

In Web Conection we are experts in General Services Web hosting create Web pages and the development of the Internet is becoming more intense every day due to the massive access it has obtained due to the large number of devices that connect to it today.

Our mission is to provide all the facilities for any person to access their benefits. so from our beginnings we offer web domain names and web hosting throughout Peru and not only that, also the design and development of web pages and virtual stores, now incorporating the management of social networks, digital marketing and web applications.

Steps to Build your Own Website

To obtain a website you must follow the following steps:

  1. First one, you need to choose a internet domain name, look it up in the domain section and check if it is not taken.
  2. Next, you have to choose the webhosting service you want and get the plan you need and host your website there.
  3. Next, design and create a Web Page, include a virtual store if you wish.
  4. Next, develop your Web Page to be read more quickly by the search engines.
  5. Finally, if you want, you could generate presence in social networks as well as forums and blogs to gain more traffic to your website.

Servidores de Internet

Graphic Design and Creation of a Web Page

The graphic design applied to creation and development of web pages allows to take advantage of internet services offers on the network, since Internet is the path of greater growth and importance in the last 10 years, with a great potential allows companies to develop electronic marketing strategies, social networks, viral ads, etc., to promote their products.

These skills are generating excellent results at very economic rates. We offer all these tools to you to develop your potential with us.

Integrated General Services Solutions

Apart from advising people on the Internet, we also have a set of services that allow us to integrate the different business areas of the company, among them are: Consulting services, services sub-contracted professionals, Logistics Services, Control of units, maintenance services, transport and others.

This range of services is included in the general services, which as a company grows requires them to be more specialized.

Other services: Social Networks, SEO Improvement, Web Application

The aforementioned services are joined by the analysis of the web pages for a better positioning within the search engines, to start the base for the SEO evaluation and positioning, this implies:

  • Debugging of errors, broken links and time response of the website.
  • Management of structured code with labels to describe images, products and videos.
  • Use of Google webmaster tools to analyze the web page.
  • Support in Social Networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google +, twitter, etc.

Virtual Stores and Shopping Cart

We help you to find all the information you need to develop your virtual store (shopping cart), we can help to respond the main questions:

  •  What are the steps to follow to arrive to your store?,
  • What elements should be considered ? In addition, to the design your shopping cart,
  • How do you make the payment process? 

We are in conditions to advise on this activities and offer to you the best alternative.

So you could start selling in the shortest time possible.

Internet Domian Services

Try a Domain Names

Think of a name, look it up on our website, choose an alternative domain of our proposals and take your first step to enter Cyberspace then choose your web hosting.

Web Hosting Server

Web Hosting, Cloud Server

The second step to follow is to choose the hosting services, there is a list of hosting providers in Peru from which you can choose, including ours, here we will give you the tips so you can choose the best one.

Create a Web Page

The third and last step is the graphic design of the website, it must be impressive and adaptable to all the devices that browse the Internet, for easy and pleasant reading.

Manpower Services

Integrated services

Services that help companies to develop their main activity without distractions, these complement the operation without increasing workloads.

Some of our jobs:

Here a sample of our jobs in design and development services: