Why do you need a domain?

Web Pages need a Domain. It is the name with which they will search for you on the Internet.

The Domain represents YOUR BRAND. With it your emails will carry your name everywhere.

Buy a Domain and Know ALL the benefits that having One brings you.

What is a domain name?

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What is a domain name? It is your identification on the Internet. There you define your hosting and place your website.

The word domain is used for the first time on the Internet to indicate that an email belonged to a server.

This domain was established by placing the name before the @, the rest was the domain, which represented the server.

brief or phrase what your page will contain and within it expand the concept.

How to choose your domain?

The domain name should guide your customers towards your brand, generating recognition of it.

Domain extensions help define them better. These allow you to establish the business of your business on the web.


We can intuit by the extension, if a person, a company or an institution is the owner of the domain.

An extension is very useful for your Internet Brand Strategy.

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Domain Extensions

Currently, on the Internet, more than 300 types of extensions have been created. These help users much better to define the line of business to which they are going to target.

In many cases, the user can find the information faster and the search engines organize their work better.

At this time, the most recognized extensions are: “. com”, “. org”, “.net”, “. edu”, “. gob”.

New extensions have been incorporated, such as: “. info”, “. BIZ”, which allow the user to choose between collecting information or establishing business connections, respectively.

There are also those that denote belonging to a country such as “. pe”, “. co”, “. US”, “. UE “, etc.

How many domain extensions are there?

As we have already mentioned, there are more than 300, there are many new extensions (TLD) for domains in the world that are regulated by ICANN.

In this way, ICANN as a regulatory entity, supervises, establishes and respects the copyright of the domains.

It is in this field that one of its important functions is to be responsible for blocking domains when the owners did not renew the license.

Why do this?

Because it gives users the opportunity to renew their domain again. Even if it is expired.

So if you forget the date, ICANN freezes the domain name to prevent another user from getting the name as soon as possible.

It is very important because many domain hunters are still checking which domain is free to buy and sell for much more money.

What steps should you take to
Get a Domain?

To register a domain name, you must take into account the following steps that allow you to activate your website within our web hosting server:

  1. Check that the selected domain name has not been taken.
  2. Proceed to buy the domain to avoid losing it.
  3. Configure the domain so that it registers with name servers (DNS).
  4. Finally, once you resolve, in a maximum of 2 days to install your web page in the web hosting.

Find your Domain, Search it Quickly

Place the name and extension of the Domini Here, it is very simple.

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