Why need a Domain Name for your Web Site, here the Answers

Why need a Domain Name for your Website, here the Answers

What is a Web Domain Name ?

What is a web domain name  look for a domain name follow the simple guide. All web sites needs a name, the web domain, this should summarize in a short word or phrase what will contain your page and within it expand the concept.

It is ideal that the name of the domain orients customers and people that the Visit to find what you are looking for. 

The extensions of the domains also help users to know what the person, company or institution to which the domain belongs, the most recognized extensions are: “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, “.edu”, “.gob”, there are new extensions like “.info”, “.biz” and those that denote belonging to a country like “.pe”, “.co”, “.us”, “. eu “, etc.

About this extensions, ICANN is the Organization that watch out the privacy policies and properties rights of domains owners. It let you asure your right over this kind of services.

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Research your domain name here to create your web page

What steps you need to follow to get a Domain name

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To register a domain you must consider the following steps that will allow you to activate your website within the hosting server:

  • Verify that the name of the selected domain is not taken.
  • Proceed to purchase the web domain to avoid losing it.
  • Configure the domain so that it registers in the name servers (DNS).
  • Finally once you solve, in a maximum of 2 days install your web page in the hosting.
What is Webhosting and Internet services?
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What is Webhosting and Internet services?
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