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Your Social Networks are vital to reach your customers and buyers.

A good strategy for them will give you very good results by entering the MIND OF THE PEOPLE

Position your BRAND with the Plans we have for you.

Social networks are an important segment of the Internet. It is most relevant if you want to drive traffic to your website or apply a strategic marketing plan to build a brand.

First of all, to create a community of followers you need a fan page. Almost all social networks offer a standard structure. On this fan page you have to post about your brand and products.

Who does not know the publication on the social network? All people do that for their pages. But who does it for a company?

In that case, you need a person to take care of posting on the company’s fan page. This person is calling the community manager.

Our company does all these services. We create your fan page, make posts and check the analysis of statistics. We work with the most popular social networks.

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Solucionamos tus Problemas en
Todas Tus Redes Sociales

Our company, Web Conection knows and manages the most popular social networks for Latin America Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, quora.

For other continents we work with the above plus Tumblr, Reddit, dunz, etc. Our functions as a community manager have no borders.

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we create marketing campaigns aimed at generating an impact on the brand or for specific promotions.

The main role within the services we offer is that of the community manager. It will work with a designer to make ads to post.

¿Qué Servicios y Herramientas Necesitas ?

Among the main services that we offer you in social networks are the following special activities:

  • Fan Page, create your fan page and configure the social network.
  • Design Post, we design different ads to publish.
  • Publication, we make publications according to your marketing strategy.
  • We seek and join groups on Facebook, Linkedin. etc.
  • We publish in the groups of the networks that we have associated with the Fan Page.
  • We respond to requests and inquiries from followers.

¿Qué es Community Manager para Web Conection?

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The Community Manager is the expert responsible for building and managing the online community around a brand on the Internet.

He is responsible for creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with customers, fans and any user interested in the company’s brand.

It also calls Social Media Manager. It is a key piece of any digital marketing plan. He is the one who designs the strategy of any company brand in social networks.

He is the one who is in charge of creating, launching and leading a strategy within social networks. Dedicating to social media means being on social media, at least 90% of the time.

Main Functions

Commonly Social Media Manager (SMM) has several functions, one of the main responsibilities is the planning of the digital marketing strategy in social networks.

Among the functions carried out by the Community manager, we can appreciate the control and analysis of the results of publications and campaigns.

For this reason, it uses the tools of the different networks, as well as the common monitoring consoles for all.

He is also responsible for running paid messaging promotions.

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