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What do they represent for us?

In addition to working advising people and companies on the Internet. Web Conection has also ventured into outsourcing, through the provision of General Services.

The same ones that allow us to integrate the different business areas of the company.

We support the services of: legal consulting services, professional sub-contracting services, logistics services, unit control, maintenance services, transportation and others.

This range of services is included in the general services, since as companies grow they require them to be more specialized.

General Services

General Services, operation, transport,
messaging and manpower

Web Conection offers General Services are aimed at satisfying the company’s operational needs such as transportation, correspondence, file, personnel, document reproduction, surveillance, among others.

The General Services within the organization fulfill a fundamental role for the orderly functioning, for that reason every day the professionalization of this department becomes more necessary.

Unfortunately this area is the least appreciated in the contribution it provides to the company. 

But the correct use of material resources, services, the equitable distribution of human resources, makes this department more efficient and reduces the expenses of the organization.

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General Services in the company

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In business news, General Services are becoming increasingly important. Especially for the high business competitiveness.

That’s true, every day becomes more indispensable for the operation of companies, manufacturers, service providers and government.

Also, its need is evidenced in the large and medium enterprises, to the point that it is necessary to raise the level of the services they operate.

This for a simple reason, since it is the logistics of support for the activities of the different departments of the organization.

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What is happening with the General Services?

This area grows as the organization grows, so it is good to ask the following question:

  • In what way has the general services area grown?
  • How has this department been formed?
  • Who has directed this department?
  • What is the need to make it more efficient?
  • Why is it necessary to train General Services staff?
  • What is the contribution of General Services to the optimal functioning of the company and to reduce costs?

The answers to these questions contribute to a better and efficient administration of this department within the companies and to contribute better in the general efficiency. more information on this topic.

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General Services Management

Because quite possibly, business management may be moving the company away from the main objectives.

For the need to develop activities of management. Those that can generate distraction to the members of the organization. Which has serious consequences.

As incredible as it may seem, general services become a burden that seriously affects productivity.

This is one of the reasons that can explain that a company stays away from the path of growth.

These reasons motivated us to offer a range of services of this nature. Having as main objective the quality and good practices.

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Main Services We Offer

Our Organization is precisely in charge of these activities that are not a central part of the business itself, such as:

  • Management, evaluation and operational control of its vehicle fleet.
  • Legal advice, legal assistance.
  • Commissary management, policy development and consumption assessment and expenses.
  • Supervision of documentary archives, elaboration of passive and active archiving policies.
  • Cleaning, gardening, environmental sanitation and pest control,.
  • Help desk, internal messaging, receptionists, etc.

Being those that have been mentioned the most representative.

We are prepared to provide any services, but the ones we have mentioned are the most representative.

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Our staff is ready

Our staff is trained. Thet are ready to support in all the situation that is required.

They are oriented to carry out business support activities. Add value and free peole specialized businesses from administrative tasks.

There are many jobs and works where our company can support operations, just call us or send an email to make an appointment with our sales representative.

If you want to know more about our general services, please contact us.

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