Do you want to sell 24 Hours a Day all Over the World?

Of course it is POSSIBLE because Building and Setting Up an Online Store for your Business is perfectly possible,

And achieve the goal of Sales 24 Hours and that your company Never Stops, becomes a REALITY

How to do it?

Opening Your Online Store of your dreams.

Enter fully into Online Business, Do not think about it More.

Enter the Cyberspace Sell Big.

We have the perfect solution for you in E Commerce.

Setting up an Online Store Has Never Been So Easy?

We create your virtual store, starting everything from scratch. We will not overlook any detail of your business. All this so that your virtual store is the same as your physical business.

We will do everything necessary so that the configuration and registration of all your products and services is optimal.

We clearly define the Strategy that you must follow in the search engines so that you quickly reach the first places.

Also in social networks, it goes hand in hand so that you very quickly have traffic from your fan pages.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Store?

The best benefit that a virtual store gives you is scalability. This is being able to sell at any time and anywhere in the world. This way they can meet you all over the world.

Reach Customers

Selling and promoting your products in a traditional way is no longer the only way, reach more people through Digital Marketing.

Minimum Investment

Today having an online store is much more profitable, since you save a lot of expenses and you can make the changes and modifications you need.

Streamline your Payments

Payment is very simple. Your clients will do it quickly and effectively. Our payment methods will allow you to grow worldwide.

Your Stats Now

Receive very fast reports of sales, where they were executed, which market niches are the most interested, and more. Which allows you to make decisions quickly.

Your store will be in the whole world

Not only will you sell in your locality, you can also sell and ship to the whole world. This will boost your company to the top with sustained growth

Exponential Sales

Your income multiplies every day, making your business the BIG LEAP. Exponential sales are a positive consequence of having an Online store

Direct Deposits to Your Bank Account

An Online Store allows your sales to be reflected directly in your account, avoiding risks and reducing time and management costs of going to the bank to deposit.

Effective Campaigns for Social Networks

With Social Networks you make your campaigns more easily and quickly known to your customers. Through the newsletter you inform your customers and reinforce your branding.

Your Online Store Will Accept All Cards



All payments for your products will be made electronically and instantly.

You will no longer have to worry about depositing the Cash in the Bank account, the Online Store does it for you

Because your store will accept 100% online payments from anywhere in the world.

With different means of payment such as credit and debit cards, Cash Payment service and Paypal payments.

Your payment gateway will accept all Credit Cards such as: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, among others.

Sell anywhere in the world and manage your entire online store from your mobile.

Don’t Wait Anymore! Set up your Store

Your online store will have an impressive design, a catalog with well-detailed products and ideal search filters. The design will generate conversions.

Your customers will feel that they have to come back to buy, because they will feel a pleasant atmosphere.

Your Store will adapt to any device, your customers will see it and buy from their cell phone, tablet or computer.

You will have all the security means for the purchase, such as the SSL security certificate and a secure connection.

You will have an Advanced SEO Positioning, with the right keywords for your product and business.

configuración de web hosting

What will the Design of Your Online Store be like?

Store Design

Get your own virtual store, with unlimited products and categories, with Electronic Billing, Online Payments, SEO, Dynamic Catalogs, Unlimited Hosting, Strategic Domain and the best “100% Self-Administration”

Creation of the Logos

We know the importance of brand recognition and positioning, which is why we offer you the most impressive and professional designs, thus becoming a benchmark in the competitive market.

Photographic Enhancements

We improve the quality of your old or old photographs, through computer programs and new technologies. In addition, we retouch and make montages for images of products or services to the taste of our clients.

The Services that you will have in your Online Store

Domain and Web Hosting

We generate the registration of your corporate domain and create the corporate email accounts that you will use to communicate in a very formal way with your clients.


Corporate E Mails

You choose the corporate emails for your domain, these are presented like this: This way you will give a more serious and professional image to your clients.

Sales Tools

We connect your online store with the most advanced tools to sell online, which will help you succeed with your online store.

Payment gateway

Web Conection is in charge of managing and configuring your online virtual store with the payment methods that your clients require for you to sell locally, nationally and internationally. Your online store will be ready to sell from your first day of operation.

SSL certificates

Delivery of SSL Security Certificates for secure connection to your Virtual store. This service is for life. This guarantees that your business is reliable and safe to make purchases online with any payment method.

Driver Training

The training and support will be permanent, until you learn to fully manage your online store. In addition to all the necessary tools for you to have a positive impact on users of electronic media.

What does a Virtual Store do for you?

Do you need to increase the sales of your business? May your company be identified and recognized worldwide? Build your virtual store.

You are in the right place, we will guide you in the design and creation of your Virtual Store so that you achieve your goals.

Your Virtual Store will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visible from Anywhere in the World! With it you can accept payments online (online) from many credit cards. Or if you want it outside of it (offline payments).

You will be able to review your stock of products and services, coordinate shipments, carry out the Marketing of your store and much more.

Marketing Campaigns in Social Networks


Facebook para Empresas

Creamos tu Pagina en Facebook y la enlazamos con tu Tienda virtual. Ademas de conectarla a Facebook Bussines. Dejando todo listo para que hagas tus propias campañas de marketing. Asi podras concretar ventas muy rápidamente.

Meta Instagram Business

Instagram goes hand in hand with Facebook, so you can schedule your promotional campaigns for your virtual store on both networks from the same platform. You only have to indicate it to create your account and associate it.

Whatsapp Negocios

Las Herramientas que manejamos permiten conectar tu tienda directamente con Whatsapp y conversar con tus posibles clientes por allí. Así cerraras ventas mas fácilmente si existe alguna duda.

Why Choose Web Conection?

Because we are a company specialized in web (internet) solutions, we have more than 20 years of experience in design and development of virtual stores.

We have always provided quality service, safety and reliability. In addition, our main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Another great advantage is that 100% of our projects are manageable.

Our solution INCLUDES Digital Marketing and SEO improvement.

Web Conection is currently developing a strategy to integrate social networks, loyalty systems, search engine marketing and content.

All this, with the aim of achieving more conversions and sales.

The store offers the configuration of electronic billing services, payment system, shipping system.

Why trust Web Conection?

Yes, we are your best alternative, our services are of quality and at the best price. Look at them here and you can compare.

Our clients are 100% satisfied with the Design and Technical Support services they recommend to us.

We master the technologies to Set Up Online Stores and that are necessary for your project.

We constantly monitor and provide feedback on our performance.

We are a very economical alternative to our competition. We make your store profitable from day one.

Our Technical Support service and attention to problems is 24/7/365.

Clients Who Trust Us

Clients who have chosen to create their profitable and highly functional online stores with us


Characteristics of Your Online Store with Web Conection

Higher earnings

Sell to all parts of the world, locally, nationally and internationally. Your store will work automatically and without limits of any kind.


You will have access to 100% of your Online store, you will be able to enter products, have statistical information on sales, carry out campaigns and much more.

configuración de web hosting

Ultra Plus Design

Our teams will help you choose the best design for your online store that allows you to reach your audience and engage with them.

Super Catalog

In the presentation of your products you will have our advice so that they are always of high quality and impressive.

Full Responsive

Your store will be fully responsive, fully adaptable to mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and more. Sell with the click of your customers’ phones.

A 100% Reliable and Secure Online Store

Web Conection is your best option for the creation of your Virtual Store, with totally competitive prices, look at our plans and choose the one that is best for your project.

We create and develop your online store tailored to your company or products, giving you a highly functional sales tool

20 years do not pass in vain, all our experience will be to support you to set up your Store.

que te ofrece web conection

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